Samsung Lcd Televisions What To Know When Comparison Shopping



Samsung LCD televisions: What to know when comparison shopping

Whatever your needs, budget, or preferences, there’s always something to match your needs in today’s flourishing TV market. If you’re setting up or upgrading your home entertainment systems, there are lots of decisions to take. The major question is what kind of TV to get; with so many acronyms flying around, piles of reviews to read, widely-differing prices, obscure jargons to decode, and bold promos and claims, it’s a tough call.

You need to stay informed and up to date, because this is such a dynamic sector and changes happen every season. If you’re not the tech-savvy type, find a trusted source and be firm about what you’re looking for.

The big brands dominate the market, but there are enough smaller players to make a splash too. When it comes to the field of LCD televisions, Samsung has a major market share. Television sales from Samsung are also quite frequent. If you’re planning to buy a Samsung LCD television, do your homework and shop around for the best prices and features. Not being in a hurry helps, since you can get great discounts and deals for LCD and LED TVs at retail Samsung television sales. Cheap older models are a good option if you’re not obsessed with being at the cutting-edge of tech. But cheap isn’t always good. Some brands like Mitsubishi and Pioneer have quit the TV manufacturing business completely, while some like Panasonic don’t retail in the country anymore. Many brands like Toshiba and Sharp have licensing deals in America, where they’re controlled by different companies.

Should I prep before discount shopping?

  • Before you hit the stores or go online looking for discounts, evaluate your needs, taste, budget, and family or individual preferences.
  • Buy in January or September, which are the new release cycles, or in the Super Bowl season or Black Friday.
  • Read up on tech so that you are able to process what the salesperson’s telling you about LED, LCD, UHDTV, OLED, 4k, pixels, resolution, and other technical jargon.
  • Remember that margins are not very high on the sets themselves. The stores make their profits on accessories, extended warranties, etc.
  • You can purchase extra accessories like the fire stick, HDMI cables, and speakers outside.

What should I look for in a Samsung TV sale?

  • Last year’s models may not provide very big discounts, but go back one more year and you can get a great deal.
  • Don’t skimp on professional installation; if there are any problems, they can be identified at the time of delivery and demonstration.
  • 3-TV and other fads are not worth paying for. Trends like flat or curved screens aren’t going to last.
  • If you plan to use your Samsung LCD television a lot for streaming and gaming, inform the salesperson and get the model that’s appropriate.

Are there any more tips for buying a cheap Samsung LCD television on sale?

  • Stay alert for sales in smaller, local stores in your neighborhood. Subscribe to newsletters for “LCD Television Samsung sale” and other related keywords.
  • Going to the store is a smart idea, because it allows you to see and check out the product.
  • Compare prices online ahead of your visit.
  • Some stores offer a price-match guarantee but not on TVs bought during big sales like Black Friday.
  • Look out for weekly discounts or ”Deal of The Day” in malls.
  • Social media is a great source of information on manufacturer deals, retailer discounts, promos, and offers.

How do I decide between LG and Samsung?

  • They’re both pack-leaders and have huge brand value.
  • LG and Samsung are the market top-rankers in the 32” TV segment.
  • Price-wise, they’re nearly at par, but Samsung is a higher-priced brand across all segments.
  • LG takes up the spotlight on economical pricing, as it sells at fairly lower rates than Samsung.
  • The performance parameters of both Samsung and LG are comparable.
  • For 60” TVs, Samsung has economical pricing.

LG 4k UHDTV vs Samsung 4K tv 2018: Can I make a comparison?

  • The LG 65SK9500 Super UHDTV is feature-rich and smart.
  • It features LG’s ThinQ AI and combines voice-control with the Google Assistant.
  • It retains some great features from the older models, such as a well-designed remote.
  • Older models are available at half of last year’s price.
  • It has fabulous picture quality and picture on glass construction.
  • It supports most HD formats, so it’s great for streaming services like Netflix.
  • It’s a great value for money.
  • Samsung’s Q6F QLED has top-quality audio and super brightness with QLED technology.
  • Its new features include voice assistant and live streaming.
  • No Dolby Vision Support.
  • It comes with a very attractive design suitable for swivel mounting anywhere in the room, though wall-mounting options are available.
  • 4K resolution is great, with premium-quality motion smoothing and processing.
  • It has excellent sound quality.
  • Samsung smartphone users can log on to apps and services automatically through the TV interface.
  • The screen saver feature makes it energy-efficient.

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