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Maintenance Supervisor Jobs in Canada

A Maintenance Supervisor salary in Canada is approximately $65,724 per year. However, this salary varies depending on company and years of experience. The Itec Group Company is looking for candidates with several years of experience to fill a Maintenance Supervisor position. You can learn more about the job duties and responsibilities of a Maintenance Supervisor by reading on.

Hiring For Maintenance

The best maintenance supervisors are those who have the skills and experience to lead a team of maintenance professionals. In addition to being well-versed in the mechanics of the machines they oversee, they must be good people-people managers with an unwavering sense of accountability.

They should also have previous experience in directing multiple trade functions in a union environment. Their duties will include planning and implementing long-range maintenance challenges and ensuring consistency among the group.

A Maintenance Supervisor is a leader in industrial maintenance and is an expert at solving mechanical problems. In addition to that, they have a proven track record of executing maintenance programs to produce superior results.

They also balance the needs of production, safety, and maintenance in the work place. Once they’ve been hired, they’ll be able to work alongside other management staff to achieve the company’s goals.

A Maintenance Supervisor’s primary responsibility is to oversee the activities of the maintenance crew. They manage their team to make sure that the maintenance program meets industry standards and Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements. Additionally, they manage skilled trades personnel and supervise the completion of work orders.

Maintenance Supervisor Job Description

A Maintenance Supervisor Job Description in Canada focuses on the role of overseeing daily maintenance activities in an industrial facility. The role entails ensuring that all facilities, equipment, and vehicles are safe, reliable, and comply with contractual standards. It also includes developing and implementing preventive maintenance programs.

The Maintenance Supervisor is also responsible for monitoring and approving the purchase of parts and stock inventory. He or she will also follow-up on work completed and investigate red flag items. In addition, the Maintenance Supervisor plans daily tasks and schedules periodic maintenance.

He or she directs technicians in fulfilling the scope of work, troubleshoots issues, and schedules calibration of compliance flowmeters. They also perform site walks and ensure that all work orders are closed properly.

Another major duty of the Maintenance Supervisor is to ensure that the building systems work efficiently. The position also entails solving problems and implementing corrective action to ensure that maintenance activities remain within budget.

It requires extensive knowledge of building systems and how to handle workplace issues. The ideal candidate should also have a trade certification.

Itec Group Company

If you have experience in the automotive sector and want to lead a team of up to 15 maintenance professionals, you should consider a Maintenance Supervisor position at Itec Group Company.

This position requires a diverse set of skills, including experience leading projects, developing PM schedules, and conducting meetings. Additionally, you should be able to work closely with the management team to meet deadlines, and you should have strong leadership and management skills. This position also offers a competitive salary, benefits, and bonuses.

Maintenance Job Duties

Hiring Organizationitec group
Post NameMaintenance Supervisor
Qualification5+ years of Leadership Experience in the Automotive sector, preferably Injection Molding
Employment TypeFull-Time
Work Hours8 Hours
SalaryCA$43 to CA$47 Hourly
LocationVaughan, ON, Canada L6A 0K9

Maintenance supervisors perform a wide range of job duties and minor tasks in a variety of industries. They may clean and maintain buildings, landscape parks, or grounds, assist with special events, drive carts, and use chemicals. They also attend training programs and adhere to safety regulations. Maintenance jobs often require at least a high school diploma.

Maintenance supervisors perform safety checks, troubleshoot equipment, and resolve safety concerns. They perform indoor and outdoor facility repairs according to approved maintenance procedures and safety policies.

They use common tools like hammers and power tools, as well as precision measuring instruments. They may also use hand tools and perform various welding activities.

Maintenance supervisors job duties vary according to the company and industry. Typical duties include performing general maintenance tasks, such as replacing windows or fixing broken locks.

Some Maintenance supervisors also supervise specific types of equipment. For example, a maintenance technician in the pharmaceutical industry might oversee medical equipment and must be familiar with safety procedures.

Skills For Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance supervisor jobs require a high level of mechanical aptitude and the ability to manage various aspects of a plant. They are responsible for ensuring that all systems work properly and troubleshooting is done efficiently.

Their responsibilities also include handling on-site emergency repairs. In addition, they must have a keen eye for detail and be extremely organized.

The qualifications for a job as a maintenance supervisor in Canada typically include a four-year college degree and a journeyman’s status in a construction-related field. In addition, they must have at least six to eight years of related experience.

They should also have at least three years of professional maintenance management experience in remote locations. Other requirements include a valid driver’s license and experience using database applications.

Having excellent communication skills is also essential in this position. Maintenance supervisors must be able to motivate others. Those with outstanding communication skills, excellent organizational skills, and good planning skills will be well-suited to this position.

These professionals are often required to work long hours, and may work on weekends. They must also have strong leadership skills and be able to delegate effectively. An effective leader will prioritize tasks, manage timelines, and match employee skills with appropriate project tasks. In addition, they should have excellent problem-solving skills.

Maintenance Supervisor Responsibilities

A Maintenance Supervisor is a professional who oversees scheduled maintenance jobs. They are responsible for ensuring that the work is performed safely and that all OH&S policies are followed. They are also responsible for inspecting completed projects to ensure quality standards are maintained.

They usually report to a manager and supervise a small team of paraprofessionals. They also contribute to the development of procedures and practices. These jobs require an extensive knowledge of the functional area under their supervision.

In Canada, a Maintenance Supervisor may supervise a team of nine O&M mechanical technicians. They are responsible for providing technical advice and overseeing the work of the technicians to improve the efficiency of plant equipment.

The job includes following a work order process and assigning work on a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The Maintenance Supervisor also directs technicians and troubleshoots unresolved issues. Other responsibilities include ordering materials and conducting site walks to ensure that work is completed properly.

Maintenance Supervisors must possess outstanding knowledge of building trades and cleaning procedures. They should also have exceptional time management skills.

They must also be strong communicators with excellent attention to detail. These people should be able to coordinate daily cleaning activities with other workers.

Maintenance Supervisor Average Salary

If you’re looking to find out how much money a Maintenance Supervisor in Canada makes, you’re in luck! The average salary for this job is $65,564 per year or $33.62 per hour – an amount that will vary depending on where you live and how many years you have been working as a supervisor. But if you have experience in this role, you can earn more – and move up the ladder to become a senior maintenance supervisor.

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