A List Of The Best Unlimited Data Plans For Your Cell Phone



A list of the best unlimited data plans for your cell phone

We live in a digital age, and it seems impossible to think about a life without the internet. Today, most mobile carriers offer various data plans that help people stay connected to the internet even when they are on the move. Unlimited plans are the current trend, and users often search for the best cell phone plans with unlimited data.

Why is it so important to have an unlimited plan?

  • Our latest gadgets like smartphones and tablets use data constantly to provide the best functionality.
  • When you face such a requirement, it becomes essential to have the best unlimited data plan for your cell phone. Without such plans, users will receive a huge bill at the end of the month.

Which are the leading mobile carriers and what are the best unlimited data plans they offer?

  • AT&T: AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plan
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile ONE Plus
  • Verizon: Verizon aboveunlimited plan
  • Sprint: Sprint Unlimited Freedom
  • MetroPCS: MetroPCS Unlimited Plan

What do you get with AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plan?

  • Not only does AT&T provide attractive plans but their entire wireless network is robust, fast, and secure. Their customer service is also fantastic. Currently, one of their best cell phone plans with unlimited data is the AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plan. At $80/month, you will get HD video streaming at 1080p, discounts on DirecTV, and 15GB data for mobile hotspot. The speeds drop after you reach the cap of 22GB/month. You can get two connections for $150 and four lines for a price of $190 approximately.

How good is T-Mobile’s ONE Plus plan?

  • T-Mobile has always been at the top when it comes to providing the best cell phone plans with unlimited data. It was also the first carrier to remove all types of taxes and fees. T-Mobile’s ONE Plus plan is very generous. With a price tag of $80/month, this is the only carrier that guarantees a 50GB/month limit. You will get 1080p HD streaming, 10GB hotspot limit, and much more. The price for two lines is around $140 and for four lines is $200.

What does Verizon’s aboveunlimited plan offer?

  • Verizon is one of the best wireless carriers in the market. It has been around for a very long time, and like its competitor AT&T, they provide many unlimited plans such as gounlimited, beyondunlimited, and aboveunlimited. However, their best offering is the aboveunlimited plan.
  • For $95/month, you will get 75GB of data at a 720p HD streaming capacity. After you reach the data limit, Verizon will provide lower speeds. You will also get 20GB hotspot data at LTE speeds. For $180 you can get two lines, and for $240 you can get four lines.

What are the features of Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom plan?

  • Sprint is known for their attractive offers. They have offers where you can get free unlimited data for an entire year if you meet certain terms and conditions. Among all the plans and offers, the Unlimited Freedom plan happens to be one of the best cell phone plans with unlimited data.
  • Under this plan, you get 1080p HD streaming with 10GB hotspot allowance. The limit is set to 23GB/month, after which you will experience reduced speeds. You can get all this at a price of roughly $60, which is one of the lowest priced unlimited plans. You can get two lines for $90 and four lines for $130.

Is the MetroPCS Unlimited plan the best for your family?

  • MetroPCS is famous for its network quality. Their plans are competitively priced too. Their basic unlimited plan starts at $50 where video streaming is available at 480p. If you are looking for HD streaming and hotspot allowance, you can opt for their plan which starts at around $60/month. They also offer the best family plan. Currently, they offer a 4 line service for just $100/month.

These plans are some of the best cell phone plans with unlimited data available today. These providers offer quality and quantity at the same time. Nevertheless, you should carry out some basic research before choosing one of these plans. However, we strongly recommend that you check for an unlimited plan with your current carrier.

Websites like OpenSignal help you check for the best network coverage in your area which guarantees uninterrupted service. You can also check various blogs and forums to learn about the best provider in your area.

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