Popular And Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors



Popular and cheap cell phone plans for seniors

Nearly 78% of adults in the country aged above 65 years are cell phone users. But often, these seniors find themselves in a dilemma trying to figure out the user interface of the latest smartphone technology. Even for the most tech-savvy seniors, the tariff rates of regular plans offered by big network carriers can be too much of an expense to bear.

GreatCall, Consumer Cellular among others are alternatives that feature cheap cell phone plans for seniors. These discount plans offer a custom solution for calling, text, and data.

Read on to find out more about cheap cell phone plans for seniors and where to get them.

Why should seniors prefer low-cost carriers?

  • Seniors don’t use their phone as often as young adults and teenagers, thus eliminating the need for a comprehensive plan that offers multiple voice and data services.
  • The plans are also costly making it an unnecessary investment for seniors who cannot afford to pay the tariff rates.
  • However, with seniors interested in limited voice calling, text and data services, many companies are customizing popular plans to suit their requirements making cell phone plans for seniors affordable.
  • Customization is the key to cheap cell phone plans for seniors as there are multiple combos for voice calls, text, and data available across popular service providers like Verizon and AT&T.
  • Most of the best senior cell phone plans are prepaid, making it a flexible option for people to switch services if they are not satisfied with their current network provider.
  • Cheap cell phone plans for seniors feature a month to month contract with zero cancellation or termination fees and offer long distance calling within the country at no extra cost.
  • Seniors can also carry forward any unused minutes of the previous month to the current billing cycle.

Which are the cheap cell phone plans for seniors available across popular providers?

  • U.S. Mobile is a popular choice for seniors who use their phones regularly for calling and texting.
  • The basic plan is priced at $21/month and offers 500 minutes of calling, 500 texts, and 400MB of data for the occasional browsing needs.
  • TPO mobile is a cheaper alternative in comparison with a $16/month plan that offers twice as much with 1000 minutes of calling, unlimited texts, and 500MB of 4G data.
  • Tello is another option to consider while comparing discounted cell phones & plans for seniors with a $14 monthly plan that includes unlimited talk and text, with 1GB of limited data.
  • For no-contract unlimited plans, Consumer Cellular also features cell phone deals for seniors at $30/month.
  • Consumer Cellular also features a basic and cheap mobile flip phone called the Doro PhoneEasy 626 at just $50.
  • Seniors Wireless and SpareOne are alternatives that offer both limited and unlimited plan options.

Are there any low-income phone plans and programs for seniors?

  • The Lifeline Assistance program is one of the popular government aid options that provides discounted cell phone plans for seniors.
  • Any senior who is availing benefits under Medicare, SNAP, SSI, LIHEAP, and Veterans pension will automatically qualify for the program to avail senior discount cell phone plans.
  • Safelink Wireless is one of the companies that provide Tracfone services under the program that offers prepaid cell phone plans for seniors.
  • Assurance Wireless is another alternative powered by Virgin Mobile under the program to provide best prepaid cell phone plans for seniors.

Does Jitterbug offer some of the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors that feature a budget handset?

  • Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smart are two popular cell phones for seniors who are looking for a basic and simple communication device.
  • Powered by GreatCall, Jitterbug Flip offers an easy-to-read display, flashlight, reading magnifier, and large buttons all for the price of $100 with activation.
  • Jitterbug Smart, on the other hand, is a smartphone option for the more technically savvy senior with voice typing capability at just $150 with activation.
  • Senior citizen cell phone plans for both the devices offer 200 minutes of calling for $15 going upwards of $50 for the unlimited talk and text plan with limited data.
  • These devices also feature an emergency contact button that is a favorite among seniors.

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