Low Cost Calling In The Country Through VoIP



Low cost calling in the country through VoIP
The technology that permits making a voice call using internet broadband connection rather than using a regular phone line is known as voice over internet protocol, stylized as VoIP. VoIP services can be utilized over a computer or over special VoIP devices. However, other services of VoIP allow the utilization of an analog phone to make a call by connecting it to the VoIP adaptor. Let’s understand what VoIP is and how it works.

How does VoIP work?

  • The voice over internet protocol converts the voice into digital signals that are sent through the internet.
  • If a call is made to a regular phone, the signals are converted into digital ones before they arrive at their destination.

What are the various ways in which voice over internet protocol calls can be made?

  • Voice over internet protocol can be used to make a phone call using a computer or a special voice over internet protocol device, like a phone.
  • A regular telephone can also be utilized to make voice over internet protocol calls by connecting the line to the VoIP adaptor.
  • In public places like airports, cafés, and parks, wireless hotspots allow a person to connect to the internet and use voice over internet protocol services in a wireless fashion.

What benefits do VoIP solutions offer to small businesses?
There are a number of ways by which small businesses can benefit using voice over internet protocol services.

  • Saves money: In terms of cost, when comparing a traditional telephone and a VoIP telephone, the cost of the latter is much less than the former. Therefore, a small business is better off with a VoIP connection as a solution to long-distance phone calls.
  • Portability: The VoIP system is available all across the world and hence we can say that this service offers small businesses utmost comfort and convenience when it comes to communication solutions. With the given broadband connection, the user can log in to the voice over internet protocol telephone and use the internet to make a call that will not be affected either by the cost factor or by its connectivity. This service can also be accessed while traveling or even through emails. This connectivity just requires the user to pick up the voice over internet protocol handset and place the low-cost call to any part of the world.
  • Flexibility: The use of this service is not limited to only VoIP devices. A traditional or conventional telephone line can also be used to make VoIP calls by connecting the line of a traditional telephone to the VoIP adaptor. This adaptor or converter looks like a USB stick that can be connected to the operating system easily. The converter will tap the signals being sent by the analog telephone and convert them into digital signals that will be sent to the desired destination via the internet. To make a VoIP call using a traditional telephone, one also requires the computer system to be switched on. The VoIP solution allows a user to get their own number; hence, whichever region of the world the user may be at, as long as the person has access to high-speed internet, VoIP calls can be received by the user on their own number.
  • Multipurpose usage: The voice over internet protocol does not only facilitate phone calls but also allows video conference calls through the same device. Therefore, wherever the person may be, the individual can be in constant communication with their respective team, discussing issues, agendas, strategies, objectives, targets, files, documents, etc. If the person is in another country attending a conference meeting, they don’t have to worry about the board meeting being held at the home office; they can attend it using the voice over internet protocol service.

What are a small business’s requirements for a VoIP solution?

  • Higher bandwidth: If the small business has a larger volume of calls, it will require a broadband internet connection with higher bandwidth for a VoIP solution.
  • Ethernet wired router: The best choice considering the price factor would be a VPN router that comes with a QoS and plenty of volume for concurrent connections. It is useful especially when the user wants to use the VoIP services from home or other far away locations. PBX server can also be a computer system if the number of phone users is less than the requirements for this PBX server system.
  • IP phones: The market is flooded with various IP phones available in full-color, touch screen and Wi-Fi wireless phones. The only factor that a small business must consider while purchasing the IP phone for VoIP solutions is that the IP phone chosen is compatible with the PBX server being established in the business.
  • The right voice over internet protocol provider: VoIP solution providers are like the traditional phone service providers for small businesses. All that the business needs to do is subscribe to it and make and receive calls wherever the user may be. Without the services of the VoIP solution provider, the small business, or any user for that matter, can only dial the extension within the company.

Which are the best VoIP solution providers for small businesses?

  • Some of the prominent players in the VoIP solution providing industry for small businesses are Nextiva, Vonage, RingCentral, MegaPath, 8×8, jive, etc.

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