Best Trucking Companies



Best trucking companies
A good trucking company, for the most part, is usually a trucking company that pays you a percentage for every trip you make. But sometimes you are able to find a good company that pays per mile and you still could make some decent money. The following companies have been chosen because you get a percentage of the money and a lot of times you get a hundred percent of the fuel surcharge. For people who don’t understand what the fuel surcharge is, basically, you will be provided with ‘x’ many cents per mile for driving to help you with the cost of the fuel. So here is a list of 10 fantastic trucking companies that you can choose to join.

Which trucking company is the best in the United States?

  • Situated in Georgia, United Parcel Services, also known as the brown machine or UPS is the best trucking company in the United States of America.
  • This company delivers more than fourteen million packages to various clients in a day.
  • This company was on track as a messenger company in the 1970’s, and it has now grown enormously as a multi-billion-dollar company.

Which trucking company has a good salary structure?

  • FedEx was created to make an excellent use of the computer technologies and the new barcode that was introduced in the market.
  • This company is overwhelmingly grown and spread across the United States.
  • The fact that this company greets their employees with a very good salary makes it a reputed company.

Which trucking company is the largest privately owned trucking company?

  • Situated in Wisconsin and Green Bay, Schneider is the largest privately owned trucking company in the United States.
  • They have partnered with over six thousand carriers driving over four million miles a day.

Which trucking company trucks can be easily recognized due to their branding techniques?

  • This company is known as Roadway, transports over forty-nine thousand shipments per day.
  • Over twenty-five thousand trucks can be easily recognized by their logo boldly printed on the trucks.

What is Yellow Transportation Inc company well known for?

  • Originally, started as a yellow cab and transit company in 1929, Yellow Transportation Inc was a bus and taxi company that used to serve the people of central Oklahoma.
  • The orange color of the vehicles made it visible from a distance and are now a distinctive identity of the company.

Which trucking company has a majority of skilled employees?

  • C.H. Robinson is one of the best trucking companies with a whole lot of skilled employees who are trained in the supply chain.
  • Logistics management that merges market knowledge also adds on to the key factors of the company’s reputation.

Which company employs a large number of employees?

  • UPS Freight has been in this business for numerous years competing with FedEx and has destinations that are spread throughout the United States.
  • This company provides air transportation, truck transportation as well as overnight delivery.
  • Thousands of employees are employed by UPS Freight to meet the client’s needs on time.
  • You can actually spot their trucks on the streets or around your workplace.

Which trucking company offers a variety of regional, national, and home weekly jobs?

  • Crete Carrier is a countrywide trucking establishment.
  • The specialization of this company is in dry van trucking jobs.
  • This company is hiring several people for truck driving jobs which include regional, national, and home weekly jobs.

Which company has an alternative form of work structure?

  • Located in North Mayfair, Montana, and Springfield, Prime Inc is a company that offers various forms of work from steady work to one-time loads.
  • The company employs the majority of truck drivers to serve their clients on time.

Which trucking company has the best track record of success?

  • Young Brothers Trucking Inc has been in the trucking business for the past 60 years.
  • Adding to the experience of the company, the company also has a track record of success and it still ensures to implement the changes needed to maintain its status in this business.

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