All You Need To Know When Buying Silver Bars



All you need to know when buying silver bars

Silver, like gold, is among the most popular investment for precious metal investors. Because it is affordably priced as compared to gold, silver is one of the best investments for most of us. You can order more silver as compared to gold for the same amount of money. These bars are available in many sizes and weights, so it is convenient to purchase them as per the need. With the increasing awareness among common people, it is a very simple form of investment for starters and experienced buyers to buy or put your wealth on silver bars.

What are the advantages of buying silver bars?

  • Owing to the ease of availability of silver and with different sizes available, people can buy according to their needs and their capabilities.
  • These bars can be used for both as a long-term investment or you can use it as a daily source of income.
  • You can convert silver bars into liquid cash at any time as you can sell silver bars instantly anywhere and it is well known liquid asset for you.
  • Silver along with gold is the best option to hedge against inflation. If you own silver bars today, then you never see the inflation affecting you in either way, be the cost of living or any increase in utilities.
  • One of the best benefits to owning silver is to protect you against currency devaluation.
  • The other key advantages of owning this physical metal are the tendencies of silver price which are always going up even when there is a general economic uncertainty.

How is divisibility beneficial for silver bars?

  • Silver can be divided into smaller parts to accommodate transactions of different sizes.
  • Instead of dividing bars, you can buy a number of small bars; these are easily sold off in tranches.

Are silver bars easy to resell?

  • Silver bars are easy to resell; fewer people can afford to buy big cars, but not for silver. It is an advantage of buying small bars because they are easy to sell.
  • Your options may be limited when the time comes to sell the bigger bars.
  • It may also be required to have them assayed to confirm their purity, when you sell your silver bars.
  • Larger bars need an assay to sell, which is a little inconvenient and also could delay the payouts.

Why invest in silver bars?
Gold and silver bars generally have the lowest premium over spot price. Being at the lowest cost, serious and large-scale investors are interested in owning as much precious metal as possible.

Bars offer investors an extensive range of benefits, which include the following:

  • Easy to store and transfer, and you can buy bars from various stores.
  • Allow investors to quickly build their finances.
  • New bars are attractively packaged and sealed.
  • Bars are issued with authenticating certificates of their value.
  • Metal bars are a better investment than paper currency.
  • Larger bars are easier to handle and store than the coins and paper currency.

What are the common silver bar sizes?
Here are the most common sizes of silver bars in ounces (oz). Some store also sells it in grams and kilograms.

  • 1 oz silver bars
    It is the smallest size of the silver bar; because of this, silver bars carry the highest premium over spot price.
  • 5 oz silver bars
    These silver bars are the next smallest size, but they actually carry approximately the same premiums as 1 oz silver bars because they are a bit more than 1 oz and less than 10 oz or 100 oz sizes.
  • 10 oz silver bars
    Silver bars of this weight are some of the most widely traded options on the market and are produced by nearly every silver bar manufacturer out there.
  • 1 kilogram silver bars
    They are more of a specialty bar and are not produced by many of the major manufacturers. You’ll usually pay an inflated price because you will likely have to look long and far to find these bars.
  • 100 oz silver bars
    These silver bars are the largest and most commonly traded forms. It is the largest bar that can be held comfortably in your hands; nearly every provider produces 100 Oz bars.

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