All You Need To Know About Dodge Rams


All you need to know about Dodge Rams
Dodge Ram refers to the special ram pickup truck manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC. Chrysler Group LLC is today known as FCA US LLC.

The Dodge Ram pickup trucks were previously part of the Dodge line of trucks. From 1932 to 1954, the term “Ram” was used for the Dodge trucks.

What are the accolades of Dodge trucks?

  • The Motor Trend Magazine has recognized Dodge Ram pickup trucks as “Truck of the Year” five times.
  • During the year of 1994, the second-generation Dodge Ram pickup trucks won this award.
  • In 2003, the magazine awarded it to the third generation Ram.
  • The fourth generation Ram 1500 won the award for two consecutive years, in 2013 and 2014.

What are the details of the first-generation Dodge Ram?

  • It was introduced in the year 1981 with a few features of the Dodge vehicles from 1932 to 1954.
  • The first-generation Dodge Ram was a four-wheel drive model.
  • The model designations, such as “W”, indicates the four-wheel drive, while “D” is used to refer to a two-wheel drive.
  • 150 indicates a half-ton truck, 250 is used for a three-quarter ton truck, and 350 is meant to differentiate the one-ton trucks.
  • Dodge Rams were offered as “Club” extended cabs with crew cab configurations.
  • In the external look, the first-generation Dodge Ram is primarily the facelifted versions of Dodge-D Series pickup vans introduced during 1972.
  • The engines were powered by 225 Slant-6 and 318 and 360 V8s.
  • In the interior, it had included a new dashboard and new bench seat.
  • The instrument cluster of Dodge Ram had included a three-pod design with a speedometer at the center.
  • The fuel gauge was offered as an optional feature.
  • The models that did not have a fuel gauge came with only indicator lights.
  • Dodge Ram used to come with features such as air-conditioning, cruise control, front bumper guards, cruise control, a sliding rear cab window, power door locks and windows, and tilt steering column.

When were the successive models of Dodge Ram introduced?

  • During the year 1987, the first model of Dodge Ram was discontinued to launch Dodge Dakota.
  • In 1991, the next model of Dodge Ram was launched.
  • The new Dodge Ram models, between 1991 and 1993, were rolled out with fold-out jump seats.

What are the specifications of the next Dodge Ram?

  • During 1989, 20 hp (15 kW) fuel injection capability was included in the 5.9 L V8 engines.
  • In the same duration, Dodge Ram introduced an automatic transmission to reduce fuel consumption.
  • The dedicated light-duty transmission was designed for A500; which was offered with 5.2 L V8 and 3.9 L V6.
  • Dodge Ram also comes with a push button switch to lock out any overdrive.
  • The A727 automatic saw was used continuously for some 5.2 L engines, all 5.9 L engines, and heavy-duty applications.
  • 5.9 L was added in 1993 and 1994, and it offered multi-port fuel injections and new manifolds.
  • 5.2 L and 5.9 L engines used to come with heavy-duty automatic transmissions powered by the overdrive A518.

When did Cummins Engines become a part of Dodge Ram trucks?

  • During 1989, Dodge Ram added the Cummins B Series engine to it.
  • This was a heavy duty A727 engine with automatic transmission. The addition of this engine resulted in higher sales for the brand.
  • In addition to the automatic transmission, manual transmission with five speeds was also available for the customers with this engine.

Which is the new Dodge Ram on offer in the market?

  • On 15th January 2018, the company introduced the fifth generation of Dodge Ram at the 2018 North American International Auto Show.
  • The new Dodge Ram will be known as 2019 Ram 1500 and will be available in the market soon.
  • As per the manufacturer, the price of the new Dodge Ram will start at USD 31,695, along with a destination fee of USD 1,645.

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